Winter Rose HOA Maintenance Standards

The Architectural Control Committee together with the HOA Board developed a set of standards regarding the maintenance of the homes and their landscaping. All residents of the Winter Rose community are required to follow these standards in order to preserve the appearance of respectability of the neighborhood.

The landscaping standards address items such as lawn and garden maintenance, weed control, and mulching agent replacement. They also define specific requirements for the upkeep of front, side and back yards.

The home maintenance standards address items such as exterior painting, windows, gutters, walkways, driveways, fences and mailboxes. It also defines the approval process required for projects that alter the appearance of a residence.

The standards enforcement defines the notification process and possible actions taken to address those situations where homeowners are not in compliance with the Architectural and Landscaping Standards.

Please refer to the Architectural and Landscaping Standards and to Winter Rose HOA Declaration of Covenants for detailed information on this subject.

Please feel free to contact the members of the Architectural Control Committee at [email protected] if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.