HOA Dues 2017

Winter Rose HOA

Please either drop off (in mailbox) or mail a payment of $210 for your 2015 HOA dues to the following address by April 30, 2017;


Eran Sery
2847 Winter Rose CT
Atlanta, GA 30360


Make checks payable to “Winter Rose, HOA” and make sure your house number is on the check.  Please also include this document with your payment.


Name:   _____________________________________________________________

House #:     _____________________________________________________________

Email:   _____________________________________________________________

Comments: _____________________________________________________________


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  • A late fee will be added for payments received after 04/30/2017. Late fees are $10/month + 18% per annum
  • Major exterior housework (tree removal, paint colors, etc.) requires HOA approval
  • Pickup all trash (newspapers) on (or near) your property
  • Pickup after your dog.  Keep your dogs and cats indoors, especially during freezing or upcoming summer temperatures

Stay in touch

Website: www.winterrosehoa.com  Email: info@winterrosehoa.com